Photo taken by Yee Chie Tu. © CC BY-SA 4.0

Naturehike: Wolfhezerheide

Since non-essentials are all closed due to the "COVID-19" virus. 
I decided to go on a nature hike to get some fresh air.

Decided to follow the "Klompenpad Molenbeeksepad" route. 

It didn't go as planned since I lost track at some point and went sideways without even noticing it. After checking Google maps, I found out that I was following a different path with a similar color sign. Instead of a blue sticker sign, it was a blue arrow sign on boulders. 

Blue arrow sign on boulder.
The blue arrow sign

So, in the end, I hiked the "Wolfhezerheide" forest and planes.

It was peaceful. Barely anyone was around. Lucky! 😎

Finished the hike right on time because the sun was setting.

Sun setting
Sun is setting on the planes