Yee Chie Tu
Photo by Yee Chie @ Keukenhof.

🤓 About Yee Chie and His Website

Yee Chie Tu

Is an open-minded introverted geek from The Netherlands. Born in the city, Eindhoven, and currently based in Bladel. He is mixed blood from a Taiwanese mother and a Singaporean father.

At a length of 1.85m, he is one of the tallest in the family.

His interests are baseball, nature, hiking, cycling, anime, gaming, virtual reality, computers, and traveling. Everything he does computer-related is self-taught.

He holds freedom of speech, net neutrality, and privacy in high regard.

The Website

Has been created so he could share his thoughts, opinions, tips, tricks, guides, and more. As well to have his place on the massive world wide web.

Is powered by Cloudflare pages and alternatively by the InterPlanetary File System at

The domain has been registered since 28-07-2005.

Hopefully, you will gain some valuable knowledge from here.

Wonder how to pronounce his name? Head to google translate “e-Chie”.

You only live once.
His way of life these days, for self-improvement and self-acceptance.